Carbon Concrete Composite | C3Carbon Concrete Composite | C3: The interdisciplinary Project C³ – Carbon Concrete Composite is one of ten projects promoted by the programme “Zwanzig20 – Partnership for Innovation” in the campaign “Regional Enterprise” of the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.
The project is under the direction of the Technical University at Dresden. The C³-Project is developing together with 140 partners from research, companies and associations a new composite material of carbon fibres and high-performance concrete. Carbon reinforced concrete conserves resources and is a flexible and durable alternative to steel reinforced concrete. It not only saves up to 50% in material but also opens up numerous opportunities for designs that are characterized by lightweightness and freedom of form.



MFPA LeipzigMFPA Leipzig: The Organization for Material Research and Test Centre for the Building Trade, Leipzig mbH (MFPA Leipzig GmbH) has round 110 employees and is active in all sectors of the building trade. In its six business sectors which encompass the whole spectrum of the building trade dealing with building materials in the building trade, supporting structures and construction, fire prevention in buildings, structural physics, civil engineering as well as research/ development/innovation, the MFPA Leipzig works together with its domestic and international customers to address specific issues concerning testing, monitoring, certification, research and development of building materials, building elements and types of construction.



MörtelshopMörtelshop: The Mörtelshop (morter shop) is an on-line shop specializing in concrete and concrete accessory products for applications outside of the building trade. Its customer base comprises artists, concrete manufacturers, DIY concrete furnishings builders, art schools and colleges, as well as hobby craftsmen. Due to the constant interaction with industry and research institutions they have achieved a high level of competence in the field of innovative and experimental concrete applications. Making the necessary products available to everyone and being able to advise their customers on the realization of their individual projects are all part of their basic business concept. The Mörtelshop makes to interested people a large range of free instructional video tutorials available and presents a network of course offerings under the common name “Beton Café”.



Bayern InnovativBavaria Innovative: The Bayern Innovativ GmbH is the society for innovation, technology and knowledge transfer. It supports those active in business and science at all stages of the value-added chain with tailored services to increase their innovative dynamics. Bayern Innovativ is active at every interface between the most diverse industries and technologies. The goal is the creation of an ecosystem of dynamic networks that will accelerate the process of innovation. One focus of activity besides its own clusters of energy technology, automotive and new materials is “cross clustering” with other Bavarian clusters as well as networking with other significant players on the Bavarian innovation scene. 




EIPOS European Institute for Postgraduate Studies GmbH
An enterprise of the TUDAG Technical University at Dresden Corp.

EIPOS is one of the leading German providers of in-service adult continuing education. For over 25 years the institute has been following its motto “ professional qualification makes the future!”. The diverse training products are scientifically based and meet the demands of professional practice. EIPOS stands for practice oriented continuing education at the college level. As a not-for-profit organization, EIPOS is part of the strong network of companies of the Technical University at Dresden Corp (TUDAG). As a partner in continuing education of the German Centre for Textile Reinforced Concrete, EIPOS offers special courses that impart the necessary know-how.







CarboCon GmbH