V.Fraas, a company with a long heritage, stands for a high level of competence in the fields of manufacture of flat textile goods, textile finishing and cut-and-sew operations. Since 1880 top quality, meticulous manufacturing in our own company facilities and innovative thinking have stood at the centre of our entrepreneurial philosophy.

It is especially the development of custom solutions that makes us a dependable partner for all areas of textile technology

V.FRAAS Solutions in Textile was launched in 2008 and since 2012 has been a registered affiliate with headquarters in Wüstenselbitz in Upper Franconia. At our affiliate we create innovative and customized textile solutions for technical applications. Our portfolio stretches from the development of textile structures tailored to your requirements, the manufacture of the most modern knitting machines and to consultation on technical aspects of textile finishing.

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ZDH_zert Solutions in Textile VFRAASZDH-ZERT GmbH - DIN EN ISO 9001

Certified: ZDH-ZERT GmbH, partner for quality in the building trades and mid-sized companies, certifies that the company V.FRAAS solutions in Textile GMBH has instituted and applied a quality management system in the areas of “development and manufacture of 2 and 3 dimensional knitted materials made from high-performance artificial and natural fibres”.  
An audit by ZDH-ZERT has proved that our quality management system fulfils the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001..

ZDH-ZERT is supported by 53 members including the central association of German trades (ZDH), nearly all chambers of the trades as well as various other national associations and the national association of independent businesspeople.

Here you can see our certificate from ZDH-ZERT in
German, English und French.